Environmental Protection

Responsible acting for the environment


Acting responsibly - Lautenschläger sterilizers are designed to meet economical as well as environmental requirements. High performance and ressource-efficient processes allow to minimize operating and following costs. We believe that the standards applied to our products have to be standards for the whole company. Environmental protection, economic efficiency and responsibility for our entrepreneurial and social mindset and action are not in conflict. They in fact combine to form a perfect whole.

Our ambition to protect the environment is a commitment towards our employees, our neighbours and towards future generations. Therefore, environmental protection is one of our primary business objectives.  

It is our duty to define environmental measures in Lautenschläger's work environment, to realize them regarding all aspects of sustainability and to monitor our performance and progress against our objectives. We always comply with the requirements of environmental law. Realizing such measures, we choose the solution offering the maximum possible environmental benefit, as long as it is in line with other important objectives such as patient safety, user protection and economic constraints.