... customized solutions for laboratory applications

A versatile high pressure steam sterilizer in medical and microbiological laboratories, the biotechnology sector and in pharmaceutical applications - the LAUTENSCHLÄGER LaboCERT is the efficient solution for the sterilization of firm, porous and liquid goods as culture media, cages, waste, instruments, textiles, bottles, food and liquids in open and sealed containers.
Various loading heights (850 mm, 300 mm, ground level), the innovative process design and safety featuers and a wide range of accessories in a flexible over-all concept guarantee optimum sterilization efficiency, reliability and safety for all sterilization or disinfection specifications.


The best possible solution for your application

Make your choice from a variety of sterilization cycles perfectly adapted to your sterilization specification: standard cycles for firm and porous goods, liquid goods cycles, programs with selectable holding time and temperature, cycles for thermolabile goods and laboratory waste disinfection or air steam mixture cycles.
The sterilization of liquids requires additional safety featues - flexible temperature sensors inside the chamber, sterile air over-pressure, chamber jacket cooling or an integrated chamber atmosphere circulation system. A skilful alternative for the sterilization of liquids in sealed containers is the hot water irrigation process.


Safety first

For increased safety requirements in waste treatment - condensate sterilization and vent air filter. High risk laboratories require the separation of loading and unloading side by a gas tight separation wall.
The module chamber atmosphere circulation - electrically driven fan with magnetic coupling to avoid the shaft feedthrough for highest reliability and a hermetically sealed chamber.


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