Lautenschläger Resistometer - Qualitätskontrolle und Verfahrensoptimierung

Square-Wave-Resistometer (BIER/CIER* vessel)

Specially designed test equipment according to EN ISO 18472 to expose micro-organisms or biological and chemical indicators to defined steam sterilization reference conditions in a range from 60°C to 150°C.

These test sterilizers produce a square wave profile for pressure and temperature under steam sterilization conditions. Due to their extremely high accuracy they are particularly suitable for the determination of deactivation kinetics, the resistance of micro-organisms, chemical reaction kinetics and material behaviour – an essential tool for product development, quality control and process optimization in steam sterilization technologies.


All Features at a glance

Optimum measuring and control accuracy for ambitious test results

  • extremely short come-up and cool-down time due to intelligent steam supply and vacuum system design
  • high control accuracy over the complete cycle without any noticeable stabilization period
  • the Square-Wave process clearly exceeds the requirements of EN ISO 18472 for steam resistometers, EN ISO 11140-1 and EN ISO 11138-3.

Easiest handling for a wide field of applications

  • free choice of the holding period in steps of 1 s
  • working temperature adjustable in the range from 60°C to 150°C
  • freely programmable cycles with the PC-based user interface “Lautenschläger STERILE”

A modular design for highest flexibility

  • high-capacity chamber (approx. 10 l)
  • chamber door window and gauge connections available
  • independent electrical pure steam generators of different capacities for the production of saturated steam


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* BIER/CIER = Biological /Chemical Indicator Evaluator Resistometer