test sterilizers from Lautenschläger

Test sterilizers

Freely programmable high pressure steam sterilizers according to EN ISO 11140-3/4. Intelligent accessories, high-performance measuring technology and a powerful and multifunctional control system allow the highly accurate reproduction of nearly any steam sterilization cycle and the simulation of malfunctions and sources of defect of steam sterilization processes.

Make your choice of innovative features ... the modular design of the Lautenschläger test sterilizer concept gives you the opportunity to individually adapt your sterilizer design to the foreseen testing tasks:

  • large-scale chamber window with integrated electrical window heating for online process observation and – with additional chamber lighting – for photo and movie shots
  • high-accuracy reproduction of various steam sterilization cycles with freely adjustable control algorithms (two-step control, PID control, shape control, etc.)
  • emulation of the operational behaviour of different steam sterilization processes and sterilizer types with the chamber and chamber door heating to be activated as required
  • user-defined combinations of steam and vacuum valve types and individual features for special processes as air steam mixture or vented cycles as well as for the treatment of liquids
  • high-precision measuring system integrated in the device control with process cycle data base
  • additional gauge connections for external measuring equipment


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