CSSD equipment

Optimum patient care

The CSSD is playing a vital role in patient care and hospital hygiene. Lautenschläger offers the complete range of machinery, furniture, transport systems, accessories and consumables - an overall solution from pre-cleaning to the sterile goods storage.

Medical furniture and transport systems
Packing tables, sterile good store shelves, material pass-throughs, cupboards, loading carts, transport carts, sterile good racks and much more - individually arranged from our furniture and logistics range and adapted to your premises.

Pre-cleaning and ultrasonic technology
Cleaning tables with accessories such as steamers or dosing units are as much a part of our scope of delivery as modern and innovative ultrasonic devices.

CSSD accessories
Do you need packaging material such as containers or sieves, a sealer or a chemical dosing cystem? We'd be pleased to offer a perfect solution from our wide range of products. 

Cycle documentation, material management and instrument tracking
Today, integrated software solutions are state-of-the-art technology in a lot of hospital CSSDs. Lautenschläger sterilizers and disinfectors are equipped with a standard data exchange interface which allows to connect a wide range of commercially available software systems.

Lautenschläger sterilizers - high-end technology for highest capacities in the large CSSD or for the smaller solution in the OPD.

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Washing and disinfection
Washer-disinfectors for surgical instruments, containers, OR shoes or for the retreatment of flexible endoscopes.

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