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VELA Working Chairs for your CSSD

The right chair is important for an ergonomic, dynamic and active sitting Position. VELA does not talk about "the correct sitting position", as no sitting position will harm you as Long as you don't sit in the same one for a longer time. You are advised to shift your sitting position during the day: the best sitting position is the next one!

Lautenschläger offers VELA chairs, designed and equipped for the special needs and requirements of CSSD staff. All chairs are designed for medical purposes, CE marked and available with a big variety of accessories and technical options.

VELA Samba

VELA Samba is an ergonomic saddle chair specially designed for users who perform two-handed reaching tasks. It may also be used as a desk chair, a computer chair or at high counters.

  • polished aluminum frame
  • adjustable seat angle
  • antibacterial fabric in various colors
  • variable sitting height (60 - 86 cm)
  • 5 wheels

Available equipment options:

Shop Stühle Samba 10110
  • different sitting heights from 37 to 86 cm
  • foot operated sitting height adjustment
  • backrest (adjustable)
  • automatically braking wheels (load brake)
  • different fabrics, e.g. leather-like fabric
Shop Stühle Samba 11310


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