Lautenschläger–DMA: Prozesskontrolle und Bowie-Dick Test

Lautenschläger–DMA: integrated process control and electronic Bowie-Dick Test

The Lautenschläger steam analyzer (DMA) detects steam penetration failures caused by leakages, insufficient air removal and non-condensable gases entering the chamber together with the steam. Developed for batch and cycle control and as an integrated electronic Bowie-Dick Test to assure highest sterlization safety and optimum economic efficiency.

Failure warning system "DMA FW"
The DMA analyzes the composition of the chamber atmosphere and works as a failure warning system for cycle control purposes. It is usable as a process challenge device (PCD) acc. to EN ISO 17665 and it meets the requirements of an Air Detector acc. to EN 285. Individually calibrated for each sterilizer, the DMA reaches excellent accuracy and reproducibility - the reliable, user-friendly and cost-efficient alternative to a classic chemical indicator system. Additional cycle control systems are no longer necessary.

Steam penetration test "DMA BD"
The module BD upgrades the DMA to fulfil the demands of an alternative Bowie-Dick Test acc. to EN ISO 11140-4. With this module integrated in your Lautenschläger sterilizer, the daily Bowie-Dick Test no longer requires the standard test pack or any other alternative indicator system.

Easy handling and fully automatic documentation - as soon as you start a test or a production cycle the sterilizer automatically starts the corresponding measuring module. The system evaluates the measuring and prints the results on the cycle documentation protocol - either on the local printer or in combination with an integrated instruments tracking software solution.

Precise evaluation without risk of misinterpretation - the DMA produces clear and unequivocal measuring results: passed or failed - without any subjective interpretation or vague measurig results.

Highly accurate sterilization control with early warning system - alarm limits are individually adjusted to the sterilizer type and chamber size. Together with its highly precise measuring system and its outstanding reproducibility the DMA is able to detect lowest concentrations of non-condensable gases - far below concentrations which would cause a Bowie-Dick test failure. This enables the DMA to work as an early warning system and to significantly reduce unscheduled sterilizer shut-down periods.

A measuring device for the whole sterilizer lifetime - the DMA is designed to work with your sterilizer over its whole lifespan. DMA inspection and re-calibration are part of the yearly sterilizer maintenance service.

Time and cost advantage - no consumables, lowest possible time and effort for the measuring itself and for the evaluation, documentation and archiving of the results - the DMA is the cost-efficient solution for an integrated cycle control system.


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