ProtoCERT-Sterilisator für 1 STE

The ProtoCERT at a glance

Designed for optimum performance and efficiency High quality materials and components provide a basis for its excellent reliability, the high availability and the well-known long life-cycle of a Lautenschläger sterilizer.

Cycle times of about 30 min - a benchmark in its class The LAUTENSCHLÄGER ProtoCERT is equipped with a pure steam supply and a vacuum system designed for highest possible performance. The state-of-the-art multi-stage vacuum system consisting of a high-capacity pre-condenser and an electrically driven vacuum pump is combined with a cooling load dependent cooling water control unit.

A patented inflatable door seal Innovative technology for maximum safety and efficiency - extremely long life-cycle, maintenance-free and 100% leak tight over its whole wear lifespan.

Independent systems for process control and data recording LAUTENSCHLÄGER sterilizers fulfil all requirements of EN 285. Permanent process monitoring and process supervision guarantee absolutely safe sterilization - at any time.

Perfect handling with the LAUTENSCHLÄGER touch screen The easiliy operated graphical user interface provides exactly the information which is needed ... language switching available on demand.

Cycle documentation and surgical instruments tracking Our standard is a text and graphic printer - or do you prefer an integrated software solution? The Lautenschläger standard data interface supports the connection of various software systems.

The ProtoCERT pure steam generator An electrical pure steam generator specially designed for the steam demand of the Lautenschläger ProtoCERT. Dimensions, heating power and the intelligent process integration ensure high-quality saturated steam containing a minimum of water drops and non-condesable gases.  

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