ZentraCERT-Sterilisator für 4-12 STE

The ZentraCERT at a glance

LAUTENSCHLÄGER Touch-Screen - easily operated with its interactive graphical operating panel. Providing exactly the information which is needed ... language switching available on demand.

Our contribution to economy and ecology - the innovative cooling water recycle system reduces the fresh water demand by several hundred litres per cycle ... in combination with a closed loop cold water supply no more precious drinking water is required for cooling purposes.

Preventive maintenance only once a year - low-wear components, durable and accurate instrumentation and a high-volume tube condenser permit long service intervals and lowest maintenance costs ... even in operation with nonsoftened cooling water.

Not every steam sterilizer is noisy - highly efficient motor-driven vacuum pumps and intelligent process technology quiet down the ZentraCERT - only the residual running time display indicates that the sterilizer is in operation.

The patented LAUTENSCHLÄGER door seal system - the inflatable door seal is maintenance-free for several thousand cycles. The design of this system guarantees 100% leak tightness during the whole wear lifespan.

Integrierte Batch control and Bowie-Dick test - the patented Lautenschläger steam analyzer (DMA) detects non-condensable gases in the sterilizer chamber during the critical process steps. With its self-monitoring design the DMA complies with the requirements for a failure warning system and for a Bowie-Dick test system. Individually calibrated for each sterilizer it reaches highest accuracy and reproducability.

Modern sterilization processes - LAUTENSCHLÄGER sterilization cycles with their highly efficient air removal phase minimize the risks caused by non-condensable gases ... even without thermal feed water degasification. A technology which makes the daily vaccum test unnecessary.

Intelligent accessories in a flexible overall concept - the ZentraCERT transport system is easy to handle, comfortable and offers a robust mechanical design - a set of transport carts, loading carts and loading cart return locks accurately adapted to this sterilizer type.

Cycle documentation and surgical instruments tracking - the standard is a text and graphic printer. Or do you prefer an integrated software solution? The Lautenschläger data interface supports the connection of various software Systems.

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