Electrical steam generators

Electrical steam generators for optimum pure steam quality

The Lautenschläger series ED 15-144 offers heating capacities from 15 to 144 kW. All units may be operated without permanent supervision: ED 15 and ED 36 acc. to PED 2014/68/EU category II, ED 72 and ED 144 acc. to category III. The steam generators are equipped with durable resistive heating elements with internal over-temperature protection, with circuit breakers for fail-safe disconnection and with automatic water level control and integrated water shortage protection.

Individual configuration
For an integrated CSSD or laboratory installation, steam headers for the connection of multiple sterilizers in parallel are available. Steam and energy management systems among others include controlled feed water supply, the remote-controlled shut-off of heating circuits to avoid electrical peak demands, an automatic switch-over from steam generator production to house steam supply and recovery devices for pipe and heating jacket condensate.


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