Routine checks in your washer-disinfectors, reliable, simple, safe!


The patented Lautenschläger µ-Snifflog measures temperature and conductivity of the rinsing water in all process steps, directly in the chamber.

Routine controls in WDs are time-consuming and complex. Water samples from different process steps are needed, and the washer-disinfector must be stopped, opened to take the sample, and restarted. The examination of the samples at external service providers takes time and allows the final evaluation of the controls only with a significant time delay.

The patented Lautenschläger µ-Snifflog system is the simple solution for routine checks on your washer-disinfectors. Test and evaluate the operational reliability of your thermal disinfectors at self-selected intervals, even between validations - regardless of the type and manufacturer of the equipment and the chemistry used.

Simply place the test sieve with the µ-Snifflog in the WD-trolley, start the program and read out the µ-Snifflog after the run with the supplied software. No gauging or weighing of chemistry, no lab samples or anything else. The result is available immediately. The user can perform the check at any time during normal daily operation. You get an immediate overview of the temperature curve and the conductivity in all rinsing steps, of course including the final rinse. In this way, you can directly assess not only the conductivity but also the disinfection success.

Because all measurement results are directly assigned to the rinsing steps, you can also check and optimize the chemical dosing.

Your benefits:

  • a big plus in safety
  • one device for checking several washer-disinfectors
  • can be used in WDs, cart washers, multi chamber WDs, endoscope reprocessors, independent of manufacturer
  • precise electronic dosage control
  • reliable evaluation of the rinsing phases
  • easy to use, easy documentation


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