Steam Sterilizers for Industrial Applications


Tailor Made Systems for Pharmaceutical Applications
Customized solutions based on your User Requirement Specification / URS are one of our strengths. Standard chamber sizes range from 70 liters to more than 7000 liters. In case of special needs: Lautenschläger configures a chamber design which meets precisely your production requirements.

Optimun process for each product
You determine the goods to be sterilized. Sterilization programs for all sterilization tasks are avaialable: programs for firm an porous goods, liquid sterilization programs, cycles for thermolabile products, steam disinfection cycles, steam-air mixture and water spraying processes.

Programms tailored to meet your needs
The Lautenschläger control system also allows tailoring sterilization programs precisely to your needs. In addition, the control system offers different control strategies such as on-off control, two-level control or PID control to reproduce the desired process as precise as possible.

Lautenschläger Control Systems – High-end Human-Machine-Interfaces
Intelligent process control technology is the heart of Lautenschläger’s industrial sterilizers. A modular PLC design offers maximum comfort and flexibilty – and our human-machine-interface assures highest operator convenience.

Lautenschläger Industrial Project Management
From your first inquiry, Lautenschläger project managers and sterilization engineers work close together with your engineering team. We document the whole process according to GMP regulations to ensure that your individual demands and regulatory requirements are fulfilled completely.

Master plan – DQ (Design Qualification) - FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) - Delivery – Installation/Commissioning - SAT (Site Acceptance Test) – Final Acceptance

Lautenschläger Industrial Service
May we support your process engineering? Lautenschläger operates a sterilization laboratory with several test sterilizers and with a steam resistometer. This equipment is perfectly suitable to develop, test and verify new sterilization processes.


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