Reprocessing of Clean Room Clothing

Laundry processing

Reprocessing of surgical laundry

Textile medical devices such as surgical drapes or surgical clothing are an essential component of the clinical infection prophylaxis. These special textiles - which are usually classified as medical devices - help considerably preventing nosocomial infections. Therefore, for cleaning and reprocessing this kind of laundry, appropriate processes like steam disinfection and steam sterilization are needed.

Lautenschläger offers customized solutions for laundry services specially tailored to guarantee disinfection and sterilization safety together with optimum reliability and resource efficiency..


Lautenschläger solutions for reprocessing textile medical devices
Sterilizers with 4 - 12 StU - ZentraCERT >
Sterilizers with 6 - 24 StU - MagnoCERT >


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