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Solutions for hospitals and the surgical ward

Work processes in a hospital CSSD are precisely defined and standardized. The retreatment of instruments and utensils is highly challenging because materials and instruments treated in these departments often contain very complex components, are hollow devices or consist of different materials with a broad range of physical and chemical properties.

Sterilizers, washer-disinfectors, container washers, mattress disinfectors, pure steam generators, furniture or transport systems ... with its more than 125 years of experience in medical technology, Lautenschläger offers perfect products for the CSSD and the hospital bed center. We focus on highest quality standards, optimum reliability, easy handling, lowest possible operating and following costs and especially on sustainability, resource conservation and energy efficiency.


Lautenschläger solutions for the CSSD and bed centers:
Sterilizers with 4 - 12 StU - ZentraCERT >
Sterilizers with 6 - 24 StU - MagnoCERT >
Pure steam generation >
Under bench washer disinfectors >
Washing & disinfection with up to 18 sieves >
Steam disinfection of mattresses and utensils >
Furniture, transport and logistics, accessories, ultrasound, software and much more >


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