Das Foto zeigt eine Tierärztin in ihrer Praxis mit einem Hund

Hygiene in veterinary medicine

In general, in a veterinary practice or clinic inpatient and outpatient medical care is given to a lot of different species. This provides very special requirements related to hygiene and quality management. As in human medicine, used and contaminated instruments and utensils have to be disinfected or sterilized before the next usage.

In most countries, regulations or standards for the retreatment of instruments in veterinary medicine do not exist. However, even if instruments used in veterinary medicine are not considered as medical devices, the retreatment process in a veterinary clinic or practice often voluntarily applies to regulations for human medicine (e.g. recommendations of the Robert-Koch-Institute in Germany). Instruments and utensils represent a significant value and professional retreatment is the best way to preserve functionality and value of re-usable goods.

Lautenschläger offers a wide range of innovative hygiene products and Equipment for the veterinary clinic, always focussing on highest quality standards, easy handling, minimum operating costs and especially on sustainability, resource conservation and energy efficiency.


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