Laboratory Services

Lautenschläger Sterilization Laboratory

Our sterilization lab offers high-end sterilization and disinfection technologies for R&D purposes. A freely programmable high pressure steam sterilizer acc. to EN ISO 11140-3/4 and a Square-Wave Steam Resistometer (BIER/CIER vessel) acc. to EN ISO 18472 are available to perform a wide range of routine tests or customized sterilization studies.

To answer your individual questions in steam sterilization technologies, qualified staff is at your disposal to support your experiment design phase, to carry out the tests in our lab and to provide detailed test reports. If you prefer to execute the tests yourself, please be so kind to ask for our hardware usage rates.

Lautenschläger is your competent partner in sterilization testing and we are EN ISO 9001 certified for the testing of medical, laboratory and industrial sterilization processes. Our experts would be pleased to assist you.


Our range of laboratory services:

  • water quality analysis
  • examination of chemical and biological indicators acc. to ISO 11138 / ISO 11140
  • determination of micro-biological resistances in a BIER/CIER-vessel
  • testing of sterile packaging and sterilizer accessories
  • endurance and fatigue tests for materials, instruments, packaging material, sterile containers, etc. under steam sterilization conditions


Please contact our customer services:

Tel.: +49 221 35017-32


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