Operator and technical training

"Worth Knowing Facts" about washing, disinfection and sterilization

Lautenschläger offers workshops, technical training and operator training courses on hygiene in the CSSD and in laboratories, pre-cleaning, washing and disinfection, sterilization and related subjects. The training contents of our courses keep changing to cover current issues in surgical instruments retreatment, laboratory applications and recent trends.

Please compare our schedule of upcoming events or contact us directly.

This year, several training courses and workshop for CSSD and laboratory staff will be held (in German and English language) with the following subjects:

  • Ressource efficiency in the CSSD
  • Special laboratory applications
  • Routine control for washer disinfectors
  • Utilities and water purification in the CSSD
  • Validation of sterilization and disinfection processes


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Volker Lwhmann
+49 221 35017-51