Testing & validation

Safe operation of medical devices

Sterilization processes as well as washing and disinfection processes in medical and laboratory applications have to be regularly tested on function and reproducibility. The validation of retreatment processes is a measure of quality management in hospital hygiene and it is mandatory to operate validated processes for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization in most medical applications.

Lautenschläger is your competent partner in validation, testing and inspection of sterilization and washing-disinfection processes and we are EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 certified for the validation of medical, laboratory and industrial retreatment processes. Our experts would be pleased to assist you.


Our range of testing services:

Sterilizers and washer-disinfectors are equipped with various test programs for daily routine control. In addition, we offer a wide variety of special test services in the field of sterilization, washing and disinfection:

  • Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification, Performance Qualification (IQ, OQ, PQ) with detailed validation report
  • re-validation of steam sterilizers and washer-disinfectors
  • preparation and examination of periodic inspections of pressure vessels (sterilizers, steam generators)
  • functional testing of steam sterilizers and disinfectors (thermometric tests, indicators, drying tests)
  • water quality analysis
  • testing of steam quality


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